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Vertual launches a series of 30 minute Refresher Training sessions for customers.

It is important that customers receive maximum benefit from their investment. Ensuring our customers are able to use all the software features fully is part of this initiative. Vertual are therefore offering a program of 30 minute sessions with a different focus each month.

A schedule of sessions can be viewed here.


Vertual are pleased to announce the first research interest group meeting

Vertual are pleased to announce a partnership with London South Bank University to host a Special Interest Group launch meeting; Utilising VERT for research purposes on the 8th of July 2015. The meeting is a chance for current and future researchers to discuss research, share ideas and potentially explore future research collaborations. Further information will be available in late February.



Vertual exhibit New Stand design at the College of Radiographers Weekend in Bristol










Vertual received many compliments about the latest stand design at the College of radiographer’s conference. The stand design is flexible and scalable therefore reducing the amount of material wasted each time an exhibition is held.

Showcase products at the conference were the PEARL software for patient information and upgrades offered to existing customers to expand the functionality of their systems. Available upgrades include the Varian TrueBeam Linac model and hand pendant, VERT Physics, Touchscreen functionality and VERT version 3.0.



Vertual Exhibits at NVMBR congress in The Netherlands together with a new distribution partner.



Vertual and RT-MedTech BV were pleased to offer demonstrations of both VERT and PEARL to radiographers from all disciplines.



Vertual Announces 2015 user meeting date

Vertual are pleased to announce that the 5th VERT International User Meeting will be held on the 3rd of September at the University of Portsmouth, UK. A save the date and call for presenters will shortly be available.



Showcase opening of the first VERT system in France at Intitut National des Sciences and techniques Nuclėaires


Intitut National des sciences and techniques nuclėaires recently purchased a full Immersive VERT system. The system was installed into a very high specification auditorium for the specialist Medical Physics training program. This is the very first installation of VERT in France, a landmark for Vertual.

INSTN welcomed a distinguished group of guests to the grand opening on the 3rd of October,

The event was hosted by the Institute Director. Arthur Kay, Director of International Sales and Marketing gave a short speech in French on behalf of Vertual. This was followed by an excellent demonstration of the system given by Dr.Amélie Roué.  Amelie made full use of the Vertual Presenter feature to deliver the demonstration and to entertain the audience. 

VERT is installed in a well-designed theatre with banked seating; appropriate colour schemes and a floor to ceiling screen. System installation and training took place in December 2013.

Vertual Ltd were pleased to be a part of this prestigious event and to see how VERT is already providing benefit in France. We would like to thank the team at Intitut National des sciences and techniques nuclėaires for arranging an excellent event and also Philippe Zimmer, CEO of Technologie et Development, our French distributor for his hard work during this project.


Patient information sessions using PEARL are piloted at the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital.

The Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre was opened in June 1993 to provide support and information to people affected by cancer. It was one of the first organisations of its kind.

The LJMC provides a service that supports patients and their families and helps them cope with all aspects of the disease from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. As part of the services offered Mount Vernon Cancer Centre are about have completed a 6 month pilot study using PEARL. Patients attending the cancer centre to receive radiotherapy are able to attend a presentation to explain the practicalities of attending radiotherapy and pat of the presentation is to see the virtual linac in PEARL. The PEARL software is used to show the machine, to explain how the machine will move and to assist with answering any queries patients have. Kerry Chapman, Patient Experience Lead Radiographer at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre will present the work at the forthcoming Society of Radiographers annual radiotherapy conference.

Read more about the Lynda Jackson Cancer Centre here:




Eindhoven becomes the 3rd Centre in the Netherlands to choose VERT











Vertual are delighted to announce the 3rd VERT installation in the Netherlands. Fonty’s Paramedic Highschool in Eindhoven has recently had a passive seminar 3D front projection system installed and have successfully completed on site training. Work has begun in providing students with VERT led lessons. Maggie Klessens, Docent Radiotherapie at the Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool said “Last week we also started with the first practical lessons. Students we’re enthusiastic, we we’re a little bit nervous….. But the result was more than we expected. During lessons we all noticed more understanding. What we’ve hoped from VERT is now reality and that is great!”


VERT and VERT Physics showcased at the annual MPEC Conference

Vertual attended the Medical Physics and Engineering Conference (MPEC2014) which was also combined with the Biennial Radiotherapy Physics Conference. The three day event was held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow. VERT is not currently installed in Scotland and the conference was an ideal opportunity to showcase what VERT and VERT physics has to offer.


Vertual attends the Royal College of Radiologists Annual Scientific Meeting

 The Royal College of Radiographers Annual Scientific Meeting was recently held at the Barbican in London. The two day event was attended by a varied mix of Radiology and Oncology professionals. This offered an ideal opportunity to showcase VERT and PEARL to wider Radiology community.


June 2014

4th international VERT User Meeting

Delegates from 6 countries attended the recent 4th International VERT User meeting on a very sunny day in Liverpool, England. The meeting was co-hosted by the University of Liverpool and Vertual Ltd and had 4 main themes: Sharing current experience, student education, using VERT for patient information and the present and future of VERT. All attendees voted the meeting to be excellent or good in the post meeting survey. Some comments from attendees included:

“Excellent range of talks; wide range of users (UK, European and Global); would like to develop the VERT communities for sharing resources and ideas. “, “Excellent varied use of VERT which is still developing”, “VERT has a multitude of uses within both the teaching and clinical environment”, and “Think outside the box. VERT can be used for much more than teaching students......raise the profile of radiotherapy with your 'Linac in a box!'”

User Meeting presentations

May 2014

VERT Customers win national award for their work with patients.


Image courtesy of Chamberlain Dunn

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust VERT team consisting of Alex Knights, a clinical lecturer/ senior radiographer, Louisa Alder, physicist, and Dean Garnham, treatment specialist radiographer, have been using

VERT, not just as a student training tool but also to help patients understand their

Treatment. The VERT team have been rewarded for their hard work for their use of VERT to inform and help radiotherapy cancer patients. The group’s innovative work has helped them to win the Advancing Healthcare Awards 2014 for health care workers who “exemplify how first class professionalism delivered in day-today practice drives excellent care and improved outcomes”.

Patients are offered the chance to attend drop in sessions and ask questions about their treatment. VERT enables the patients to better understand their treatment in a highly visual way.

“We are very proud and honoured to have won this award. We believe that VERT can be a very effective tool in patient education and it’s great that the judges recognised what we are trying to achieve” said Alex Knights.


Vertual Ltd Showcases PEARL at the American Radium Society Meeting in the US Virgin Islands.


PEARL is a tool for providing information about different radiation therapy techniques to patients and referring physicians. Team members from Vertual’s sales and marketing team were pleased to take part in the exhibition for this prestigious meeting. Radiation Oncologists were able to receive one on one demonstrations of the PEARL software.

April 2014

VERT Showcased on a 3D TV during ESTRO 33 in Vienna, Austria


Vertual decided on a new layout for the booth at ESTRO in Vienna. For the first time ever a 3D TV was also used so delegates did not miss out on the 3D VERT experience. For past meetings a large theatre area has been available to allow multiple delegates to benefit from a demonstration of the software. The on the hour every hour demonstrations have meant that some delegates who were short for time might miss a key part of our product demonstrations. In Vienna a new layout was unveiled with 3 dedicated demonstration stations enabling demonstrations to be given when needed. Feedback regarding the new layout was very positive. The coffee machine was also a very popular addition.


March 2014

VERT helps the IPEM to showcase radiotherapy.


Vertual were approached by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

 (IPEM) to loan a portable VERT system for the annual Big Bang event in Nottingham.  The Big Bang is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. Everything done is aimed at showing young people (primarily aged 7-19) just how many exciting and rewarding opportunities there are out there for them with the right experience and qualifications. Delegates were able to see the Linac and even move the Linac with the real hand pendant controls.

  “Reaching out to young people and making them aware of the work of Medical Physicists, Clinical Engineers and Technologists is an important role, and a key part of IPEM’s charitable objectives.  The UK Science community needs to enthuse school children about science in general and especially the benefits to patients, and the potential for satisfying and worthwhile careers.

Thanks to your generous equipment loan we were able to provide a fantastic activity and I am sure that this contributed to the fact that the IPEM stand was always busy and well attended.

The participants really enjoyed the 3D radiotherapy treatment simulation and asked lots of questions - a great success” said Eva McClean, IPEM Communications and Development Manager.

February 2014

Mayo Clinic School of Health Professions installs VERT for students on the radiation therapy program.


An Immersive VERT system with rear projection and a high resolution projector is installed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The system using the 1920 x 1200 resolution WU7 projector from Christie-digital is the 11th system to be installed in the United States. The system will enable the students at the Mayo Clinic School of health professions to learn in a highly visual and engaging way.

January 2014

2nd VERT System installed at Erlangen University Hospital

 The second system to be installed in Germany, a Seminar VERT system was installed at the University Klinikum in Erlangen in January 2014. The students will have access to virtual simulation software and the VERT, virtual linac system as part of their training program. 


Grand Opening of the Lette-Verein VERT system, the first in Germany


On January 22, 2014 the Senator for Economics, Cornelia Yzer was the guest of honour at the ceremonial opening of the public reference centre for radiation therapy in the LETTE-Verein Berlin.

This is the first installation of VERT in Germany and will be used as a centrepiece of this centre for the student training.  

At the ceremony presenters were: Petra Madyda, Director of the LETTE- Verein, Frank Sandmann, responsible for Public Relations and other Representatives of the MTA-school.
Representatives from Vertual Ltd, the UK based supplier of VERT and from Medincura GmbH the local distribution partner were present for the special occasion.

Students in their sixth semester of training demonstrated the VERT System and the Senator Cornelia Yzer was offered an opportunity to operate the hand pendant controller and to deliver a treatment.”

December 2013

First System Installation in France


In partnership with Technologie et Développement our French distribution partner Vertual are pleased to announce the first system to be installed in France.  The system is an Immersive VERT system with rear projection. 

As a part of the CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission), the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) is a higher education institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, and the Ministry in charge of Industry. 

The INSTN’s mission is to disseminate the knowledge and know-how developed at the CEA. It has been created in 1956, when France decided to launch a nuclear programme, for providing engineers and researchers with high scientific and technological qualifications in all disciplines related to nuclear energy applications.  The INSTN headquarters are located at the Saclay CEA Centre (20 km South of Paris). 


October 2013

The First ever PEARL System in North America for patient information is installed at Baptist College, Memphis together with a VERT System for student education


Baptist College of Health Sciences has invested in a Seminar VERT system for student education. The system,  is the 11th VERT system to be installed in the United States. VERT features on the college website.  “This virtual environment of a radiation therapy treatment room is designed as a simulation platform for teaching and learning. Students have the ability to visualize internal anatomy and divergence of the beam in a simulated setting.

Clinical errors and skill deficiencies in simulated setting can become learning opportunities with no harm to the patient.”

Read more at the following link: http://www.bchs.edu/radiation-therapy

PEARL is a virtual Linac, a tool for providing patient information in an innovative way. Patients are able to see their treatment which raises awareness  and in turn; can reduce their anxiety and the “fear of the unknown”. PEARL is already installed at Baptist College and in 2014 a clinical partner will begin implementing the system.

PEARL systems are also installed or on order from clients in Australia and Japan


September 2013

5th ASTRO Meeting for Vertual

Vertual began exhibiting at the ASTRO annual meeting in 2009. In this, the 5th year we were pleased to offer 3D demonstrations of the latest version VERT 2.9 with all its new capabilities including the Physics module. PEARL is also offered for providing information to patients and other health professionals thereby increasing awareness of modern treatment techniques.  Demonstrations were provided on our booth. In the photograph above Arthur Kay, James Ward and Andy Beavis are pictured with the ASTRO leadership team during a visit to the Vertual booth. 


Announcing the release of VERT 2.9. 


Vertual are pleased to announce the release of VERT 2.9.  This is a significant step forward for the visualisation of dose in VERT with the introduction of dose on CT. With many new features and improved usability including patient set up instructions, additional beam visualisation options and additional Linac models. The latest software also includes the Implementation of the Varian TrueBeam Linac and modelling of the Elekta Agility head.A full body patient expands the use of VERT. 

The dose on CT features works seamlessly with the single slice contour visualisation for cross sectional anatomy training and enhances the teaching VERT can provide.  Read more about 2.9 by clicking here. 


 2nd VERT US users meeting takes place in Atlanta

After the success of last year’s meeting, Vertual welcomed attendees from many sites where VERT is installed in the United States. Presentations were given by Shaun Caldwell and Kameka Rideaux, Carol Scherbak and Aidan Leong discussing the use and implementation of VERT. The meeting was enjoyable, informative and productive and Vertual have already announced that the 3rd North American User meeting will take place on September 15th 2014 in San Francisco. 

August 2013

St Catherine College, Kentucky choose VERT for the radiation therapy students. 













 A Seminar VERT system with VERT Physics was installed and training completed in August 2013 in time for the new students beginning their first semester. Carol Scherbak, Assistant Professor and Program Director St. Catharine College said “The VERT system is a significant educational advancement in training radiation therapy students, especially with the recent changes in treatment techniques. Incorporating this system into our current curriculum will enable the program at St. Catharine's to train the next generation of radiation therapists. We also plan to use the system for current radiation therapists to enhance their knowledge of newer treatment techniques.” 

See VERT in action at St Catherine and hear the academic staff describe what VERT means to them by viewing their video. Click the link below to access the page.