July 2013

The 6th Fully Immersive, high specification VERT system is installed in Australia. 











 Curtin University in Perth is the sixth University in Australia to have an immersive VERT system installed including tracking, VERT Physics and the iPad interface. 

The VERT system installation was made possible by a project between the University and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, together with CMS Alphatech and Vertual who provided the equipment.


May 2013

The First VERT system installed in Germany provides a showcase venue during DEGRO.

The first installation of VERT in Germany took place during April and training was completed in early May. The system, a business grade Seminar VERT system is installed at the Lette-Verein School in Berlin. Delegates from the DEGRO 2013 meeting were invited to see the system for themselves.


April 2013

Vertual exhibits at the 2nd ESTRO Forum in Geneva.

ESTRO 2013

We were pleased to exhibit at this year’s ESTRO meeting in Geneva, the 5th time we have exhibited at our own booth since the formation of Vertual Ltd in 2007. Attendees were invited to see the exciting new features in the latest version of software that is to be released shortly; including dose wash on CT, the Varian TrueBeam Linac model and the Elekta Agility treatment head.


 Vertual Ltd announces that CMS Alphatech are 2012 Distributor of the year


Leanne Elich (centre) receiving the award with (from left) Nigel Atwood and Richard Neale from CMS and Arthur Kay from Vertual Ltd shaking hands with Nigel.


Vertual are pleased to award Distributor of the year 2012 to CMS Alphatech for the second year running.  CMS have worked closely with 6 Australian Universities and the University of Otago in Wellington, New Zealand to install top of the range VERT systems complete with tracking for the full immersive experience and VERT Physics for teaching quality assurance principles.  The award was presented to Leanne Elich, Radiation Therapy Manager from CMS Alphatech during the recent ESTRO meeting in Geneva.


Vertual holds the 3rd International VERT User meeting at the University of Hertfordshire

User meeting

Delegates pictured during the lunch break at the University of Hertfordshire. Photograph taken by Elaine Gannon from the University of Hertfordshire.


In partnership with the University of Hertfordshire Vertual welcomed over 50 delegates to the 3rd International VERT user meeting on the 10TH of April. Key themes for the meeting were VERT for assessment including a lively debate on the suitability of simulation for assessment in radiotherapy, VERT for patient education and advancing anatomy and planning knowledge using VERT. Elaine Gannon, Associate Dean of the School of Health and Social Work from the University of Hertfordshire worked closely with the events team at Vertual to offer a stimulating program in a great setting.

“Our user meetings are an excellent way for customers to share their experience, develop ideas for future projects and to meet face to face. I personally found the day very educational, enjoyable and rewarding and the feedback we have received from our customers has been excellent. The way our customers have embraced this new technology and used VERT to develop teaching methods is incredible and I know there is more to come, it’s a privilege to work with our customers.” said Jan Antons, Radiotherapy Product specialist at Vertual.


March 2013

New Zealand Health Minister Opens VERT Suite at the University of Otago

Opening Uni of Otago

Photograph taken during the opening of the VERT suite at the University of Otago. Photo taken by Louise Gossans and displayed courtesy of the University of Otago.


After successful installation and training for the system in January Vertual and CMS Alphatech, official VERT distributor in Australia and New Zealand, were pleased to hear that the Minister of Health the Hon. Tony Royall opened the new radiation therapy training system, VERT, on March 14th. The system is a state of the art Immersive VERT Cinema system complete with a WU-12K Cinema grade projector and tracking system. The health minister was offered the chance to see how the tracking system works for himself. Karen Coleman, Director and Head of Department for Radiation Therapy at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences said 'We are delighted with the system and look forward to implementing this into our teaching and research programmes. We have particular interests in the use of VERT with the Eclipse Planning system, and for our Anatomy and Imaging topics'.

Read about the event in the University of Otago Newsletter by clicking here.


February 2013

First VERT system to be installed in Germany.

Vertual is pleased to announce that the first installation of VERT in Germany will take place shortly. The system, a business grade Seminar system will be installed at the Lette Verein School in Berlin.


January 2013

Fully Immersive, high specification VERT system installed in New Zealand.

University of Otago

The University of Otago in Wellington has recently had a top of the range VERT system installed in the Department of Radiation Therapy.

The system was installed in January by Virtalis, Vertual’s hardware partner. During the training staff, visitors and members of the team who had contributed to the building renovation and restructuring were invited to an open house.

Head tracking proved to be very popular and two open house participants volunteered to try the experience of walking around the treatment room.

The VERT system installation is the successful culmination of a project between the University, CMS Alphatech and Vertual.


10th North American VERT system is installed at the College of Southern Nevada.

College of Southern Nevada

A business grade Immersive system has been installed in a temporary location so the students can benefit right now before a more dedicated space becomes available.  “We work with our customers to ensure their VERT system is tailored to their needs and budget, including their future plans for room redevelopment” said James Ward from Vertual. 


December 2012

First VERT system installed in Israel.

Vertual are pleased to announce the installation of a Seminar VERT system at the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Hashomer, Israel. The system is part of a new program for training radiation therapists.


November 2012

The University of Vermont has become the 9th centre in the United States to select VERT for their educational programs.

University of Vermont

The team at the University of Vermont, lead by Jane Alsofrom has begun using VERT with their students.  The students were able to use a different hand pendant controller than one they had previously experienced and learn about the differences between Linacs. This helped them when preparing for their clinical placements with new equipment they were unfamiliar with.


October 2012

Vertual hosts the first ever VERT User event in North America.


The event, attended by 20 VERT customers and potential customers was well received with attendees braving Hurricane Sandy’s effects to share experience and discuss the current and future application of VERT as a teaching tool.  Professor Andy Beavis led a discussion where points raised by the group relating to competencies, continuing professional development and error simulation were debated by the whole group. James Ward shared the latest development news with the group and Arthur Kay closed the meeting by stating that ...”Today it is estimated that 40% of all cancer survivors owe their cure to radiotherapy. However, in a large number of radiation therapy centres around the world the latest life saving treatments have yet to be introduced. We hope very much that VERT will assist the uptake of these advanced treatments.”

Due to the success of this event Vertual are considering holding a similar event in Atlanta during ASTRO 2013.


 Vertual showcase first glimpse of new Linac models at ASTRO.

During the recent ASTRO meeting in Boston Vertual offered demonstrations on the hour, every hour to participants. In particular new and existing customers alike were pleased to see the very first glimpse of the Varian TrueBeam Linac and the Elekta Agility treatment head. The Elekta Agility head will be available to customers in the next software release. The first phase of the Varian TrueBeam Linac is to model the Linac itself and this will be available as an option to customers in 2013. 

The implementation of the Varian TrueBeam pendant is an ongoing development.


August 2012

Vertual signs a distribution agreement with V Medical services to offer Vertual’s products in Malaysia, Singapore and Sabah. 

“We are looking forward to working together with VMedical to introduce our state of the art training solutions to educational institutions in Malaysia” said Arthur Kay, International sales and marketing director for Vertual. 


May 2012

Vertual attends a successful ESTRO meeting in Barcelona.

 Vertual recently returned from ESTRO 31 in Barcelona. Visitors to the stand were able to see the latest version of VERT and were able to discover PEARL. PEARL, software specifically for patient information was launched at ASTRO in 2011 but this is the first time customers from Europe have had access to demonstrations. VERT Physics was a particular hit with the simulation of quality assurance equipment and techniques.

 On Saturday lunchtime visitors to the booth were able to hear from our invited “Meet the expert” Aidan Glen from University Hospital Zurich. Aidan enthralled the crowd with information about the use of VERT. Aidan described how VERT “ Reinforces the connection between theory and practice” for student education, “Reduces anxiety/uncertainty, builds trust between patient, staff and the therapy in general”. Aiden described how VERT can be used for patient education along with its future applications for Medical students and the demonstration of new clinical techniques.



Aidan Leong is pictured here during the Saturday lunchtime presentation.


April 2012

Vertual Ltd Showcases PEARL at the American Radium Society Meeting in Las Vegas.

PEARL is a tool for providing information about different radiation therapy techniques to patients and referring physicians. Team members from Vertual’s sales and marketing team were pleased to take part in the exhibition for this prestigious meeting. Radiation Oncologists were able to receive one on one demonstrations of the PEARL software.